Ans Kessens is psychologist and artist.

I  view Psychology and Art as the two sides of an equilateral triangle, with me as the base. A three-cornered affair, with Psychology and Art seen as everything but extremities. Art means for me the discovery, the search for my inner live and soul, expressed in painting through which I feel complete.

Feeling, thinking and the living of reality. My reality, because each individual feels the same reality in his or her own way.

I create this reality in my own way, resulting in animals with their souls captured in the paintings. My cats and horses are true examples of this, followed by a queue of other animals as turtles, elephants, hippos and birds.

For me Art is the ultimate expression of an individual emotion, in which the total result must be more then the sum of the parts. Science arises from wondering, and so the roots of my art are my astonishing and wondering.

I am an autonomous painter, and a "self-willed" with authentic style. Ever since my early youth I have been self-taught. People very much recognize my own " Kessens " style, the organic whole, the curving of never-ending lines, and the typical palette of colours. As the world changes, so does my work, as a dynamic process, as a perpetuum mobile.

I think my artwork can typically be classified along the lines of the figures that are pictured: animals, flowers, human figures and the more abstracted works. I have used very diverse materials: oilcolours, acryl, pastel, East Indian ink and mixed techniques.